Startups, Strategy, and Success - Caleb King - RevOps 500 Podcast - S02E01

In the second season's first episode, we have Caleb King, a HubSpot superstar and account executive at Superd on RevOps 500. 

RevOps Myth: I know what RevOps is.

Quote of the Show: Motivation or excitement is a luxury

Caleb King discusses RevOps, its definition, and its application in a startup environment. He shares that RevOps is still in the hype phase and has no singular one-line definition.

He explains that RevOps is about finding more people to talk to, translating that into the system, and setting up processes to achieve sales goals. They also discuss the importance of customer success and the alignment between a startup's sales, marketing, and service teams.

Caleb emphasizes the need for speed and the willingness to iterate processes as the company grows. They touch on the technical challenges of building a RevOps system in a startup and the importance of increasing top-line revenue.

In this conversation, Caleb King, Director of Partnerships at Superd, discusses the challenges that HubSpot partners face in adopting new systems and processes. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on business problems and finding the right tools to solve them.

Caleb also shares his sales and account management journey, highlighting the value of critical thinking and human-driven innovation. He envisions a future where technology supports human decision-making and problem-solving. Superd software acts as a floating Chrome extension, guiding users through their daily tasks and helping businesses create a better client experience.


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Startups, Strategy, and Success - Caleb King - RevOps 500 Podcast - S02E01
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