Understanding The Customer Journey - Srujan Joshi - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 002

Want to know how to make sure your data is constantly up-to-date? We have just the episode for you! Today we have Srujan Joshi, Revenue Operations Lead at EventMobi. Srujan discusses with Sajeel Qureshi the importance of taking a step back to understand what your strategy is. It is so important to know the strategy you are trying to go for. Srujan gives us his tips on how to map out your buyer's journey. Tune in to this great episode!

RevOps Myth:
  • RevOps is only for start-ups.

  • Revops was developed for startups on startups only. Today you're seeing businesses of all sizes and ages adopting the Revops role.
  • You tend to see a lot of Revops working in Saas industries but lately, more businesses have been incorporating the Revops role in their company.
  • It is always important to ask yourself, what are our priorities for this year? Write down some ideas and then based on those, break it down into what are your quarterly priorities for the company. Once you have gathered all this information, meet up with your team leaders to plan and discuss.
  • When you're in Revops, you own the tech stack. So if your company is having customer-facing tech issues or any problems that they run into, you will be depended on to help fix those problems.
  • The challenge that Srujan is facing is that the problems are identified by someone else and then they pass it on to you as Revop to help them. Ideally, what he would want to see is Revops figuring out what the problems are on their own.
  • A big piece of advice that Srujan gives is understanding your customer's journey. Draw out a line from where they first started to how they ended up with your company. Understanding their journey will make it easier to advertise to more clients.

Quote of the Show:
  • “Not everybody is a decision maker.” (15:08)


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Understanding The Customer Journey - Srujan Joshi - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 002
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