Transparency and Communication - Mitja-Alexander Linss - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 015

Please welcome to the show Mitja-Alexander Linss, Head of Marketing at Karger Publishers and Founder & Senior Advisor at Global Marketing Ventures. Mitja joins host Sajeel Qureshi to talk about how customer centricity is not about growth, lead generation, lead capture, and demand generation. It is all about the sustainable growth of your organization. Tune in to Mitja’s amazing advice about focusing on the customer and taking their needs seriously!

Two RevOps Myths:
  • Renaming departments and workflows alone may not effectively break down silos.
  • While RevOps plays a vital role, it may not be the sole driver of customer-centricity.

  • In sales and marketing, Mitja has observed that each department and group often operate independently, which can lead to communication issues when interacting with customers. To enhance seamless communication, prioritize customer-centricity, and maintain utmost transparency throughout the process. By placing the customer at the core of all actions, any potential gaps in communication can be avoided.
  • In RevOps, transparency and communication are important. Placing your customer at the forefront becomes paramount, with an unwavering commitment to delivering customer value and exceeding their expectations. Create a profound positive experience for your clients, fostering stronger relationships and unlocking new levels of success in your endeavors.
  • Customer centricity lies in a compelling message and a captivating story. Achieving this ensures alignment with the narrative. By establishing this, create a fresh and engaging tale that resonates with all key stakeholders, bringing them together in a shared vision. This not only reinforces your commitment to the customer but also unlocks new possibilities for growth by forging stronger connections.
  • Mitja places a strong emphasis on the voice of his customers. His company's impactful initiative centers on empowering customers to share their stories firsthand. Create a powerful avenue for customers to express themselves across various channels, developing a deeper understanding of their needs and desires.
  • Salesforce plays a pivotal role in Mitja's company, serving as an all-encompassing CRM system. By functioning as the single source of truth, CRM empowers Mitja and his team with access to valuable data, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on the understanding of customer behavior. This insight fuels actions as a guiding light for future strategies, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and customer-focused excellence.

Quote of the Show:
  • “If you want to have an impact in your environment, you need to break down silence and create a cross-functional team.” - Mitja-Alexander Linss


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Transparency and Communication - Mitja-Alexander Linss - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 015
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