Simplicity in Complexity - Casey Peddicord - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 025

Joining us today is Casey Peddicord, Senior Vice President Of Sales at Globalia. Casey shares his philosophy on optimizing RevOps, emphasizing the need for simplicity and reduction of complexities. He speaks to the misconception that growth demands complexity and argues that businesses, large and small, should focus on creating easy, streamlined processes for revenue growth. Casey draws from his own experiences and analogies to illustrate the importance of going back to basics, simplifying tech stacks, focusing on top priorities at each business step, and ensuring a unique customer experience for sustained business growth. Casey also discusses the recent acquisition of Globalia by SmartBug and the benefits of this partnership. Join Sajeel and Casey for a riveting conversation on the intricacies of RevOps and insights on furthering business growth whilst keeping processes simple.

RevOps Myths:
  • RevOps processes need to be complex and involve a large team. 
  • Casey Peddicord argues that businesses often make their processes unnecessarily complex and that the focus should be on simplifying and streamlining the process. The myth suggests that RevOps requires a complicated system with extensive workflows and automation, but Casey believes that it can be easy and straightforward.

  • Keep things Simple - The process of sales or any business strategy does not have to be complex. It can be simple and still provide a lot of value.
  • Slow down to Speed Up - Taking the time to map out the business process thoroughly can help in identifying the top priorities which can ultimately lead to faster business growth.
  • Leverage Technology but Don’t Overcomplicate - While technology is crucial in today’s business world, having too many software solutions in place can complicate the process.
  • Continual Improvement - Always looking for the next level of improvement and growth will keep the business moving forward.
  • Not Everything Needs ROI - Some actions, like the personal touch of a COO sending a video message to customers, may not have direct ROI but significantly contribute to creating a positive customer experience.
  • Get Outside Help - It is beneficial to bring in a third party for a different perspective. This view helps you to identify blind spots and make your process smoother.

Quotes of the Show:
  • “Have the self-awareness to go: hey, we got to fix something” - Casey Peddicord
  • “You're so in the details of making it perfect when it could have been 90% and you could have been down the road already” - Casey Peddicord


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Simplicity in Complexity - Casey Peddicord - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 025
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