Nurturing Customers & Accelerating Deals - Briana Walgenbach - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 027

Joining us today is Briana Walgenbach, AI Strategic Lead and Content & Video Coach at IMPACT. Briana and our host Sajeel Qureshi discuss the integration of AI within B2B marketing and sales, assignment selling, and the importance of breaking down department silos for business growth. Brianna emphasizes the need for CEOs to be involved in the process and to nurture collaboration across the organization. The conversation also reveals various tactics to implement effective business strategies such as educational content creation, transparency in pricing, getting customer data through CRM, and nurturing repeat customers.

RevOps Myth:
  • “RevOps is just another marketing thing.”
  • Briana is suggesting that instead of treating RevOps as just another marketing thing, business leaders, owners, and employees should collaborate to obsess over their customers. She believes that working together towards a common goal would make it easier to educate and qualify customers, leading to closing more deals with intention and at a faster pace.

  • "Collaborate to create effective sales strategies": Understand the importance of collaboration within the organization. Break down the silos between your marketing, sales, content, and operation teams. Communicate with one another to understand each department's needs and challenges. 
  • "Assign a content owner within your team": An essential role that needs to be fulfilled within your team is that of a 'content owner'. Someone needs to be responsible for generating and managing educational content that responds to commonly asked questions by potential customers. This content should educate the customers and be available before any sales conversation takes place.
  • "Practice assignment selling": This method allows your marketing and sales team to work together to educate your customers before a sales call, using educational content you provide upfront. 
  • "Use AI, but have a human oversee it": You can leverage AI for several tasks, from writing to data analysis. However, it is essential to have a human element involved, as someone needs to own the process to ensure the quality and relevance of the AI to your specific needs and goals.
  • "Fully integrate Teams": Don't just form different teams within your organization; instead, work towards making them fully integrated units that understand and appreciate the work of their fellow departments. For example, your sales team should be well-versed in the marketing content that your customers are consuming, and vice versa.
  • "Ensure CEO involvement": For a successful RevOps implementation, it is crucial to have absolute buy-in from the CEO. The CEO doesn’t have to be on the front lines doing the everyday work. Still, they need to be actively involved in the process, making themselves accessible, knowing what's going on, and showing genuine interest and backing for the initiatives.
  • "Nurture existing clients": Do not just focus on bringing new clients; ensure you also take care of the existing clients. Use content to keep them educated and engaged, and consider them partners in your business. Making the current customers satisfied could lead to more repeated business, which will increase the company's growth and profit.

Quote of the Show:
  • “​​If our buyers are changing, we need to change along with them.” - Briana Walgenbach


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Nurturing Customers & Accelerating Deals - Briana Walgenbach - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 027
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