Look For The Who Not The What - Brooke Fitts - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 006

Today we have Brooke Fitts, Co-Founder at Jodder. Brooke discusses with Sajeel Qureshi that working in different industries is very helpful. Not only do you learn something new, but you can also usually share some lessons learned. Brooke gives us her tips on how to be thoughtful toward your coworkers and clients. Tune in to this great episode!

RevOps Myth:
  •  There isn’t a magic RevOps formula. It is different with every business. 

  • When entrepreneurs and business owners sit down to build up the RevOps process, oftentimes the who is left out, they focus more on the what.
  • Brooke believes we often forget to look at who the RevOps are and how they want to work. It is essential to maintain and organize the who in those positions. 
  • Business owners should look for people who are the missing piece to their company. They should look for people who want to be a part of the end outcome and what they are trying to accomplish.  
  • One thing that keeps Brooke up at night is making sure that her company is being thoughtful to those in her business and making sure that their clients are feeling cared for.  
  • What Brooke’s business will do is compare its tools with its competitors. With your business, ask the question, “what are the tools that your competitors are using? Is there anything that you could learn from those platforms?”
  • Brooke got her start by working at a startup company. She says that it was an amazing experience since she learned so much. She recommends it to anyone in the marketing field.
  • When you are at a startup company, it is important to have a network of connections. Having connections can help expand your company and client outreach.

Quote of the Show:
  • “Many business owners are looking for that magic formula with RevOps.” (01:29)


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Look For The Who Not The What - Brooke Fitts - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 006
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