Intentional RevOps - Dylan Wickliffe - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 022

Joining us today is Dylan Wickliffe, the visionary VP of Growth at Media Junction. Embark on a journey where unconscious efforts transform into deliberate collaborations in the realm of RevOps. Tune in as Dylan, alongside our insightful host, Sajeel Qureshi, unravels the secrets of tailoring unique RevOps journeys for diverse companies. Discover the art of authentic connections and selling like a genuine human being. Don't miss out on the wisdom and creativity that await!

RevOps Myths:
  • The perception that RevOps is a recent innovation is a misconception. Dylan, however, proposes that the truth is that businesses, knowingly or unknowingly, have always engaged in aligning their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts with revenue. The true essence of the RevOps surge lies in recognizing this existing synergy and intentionally maximizing its potential. Rather than a revolution, it's a strategic evolution, urging businesses to delve deeper into their existing practices. The excitement stems not from adopting something entirely new, but from refining the familiar, making intentional what was once implicit. This realization serves as a catalyst, urging businesses to embrace change, optimize processes, and create a more cohesive, revenue-driven ecosystem.

  • From Unconscious to Intentional. Every business practices RevOps in some form. Embrace intentional collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer service. Regularly dissect data on referrals, lead quality, and client retention to boost revenue. RevOps isn't just theory; it's actionable synergy, starting with intentional collaboration and data-driven decisions.
  • Goals without deadlines are mere wishes. By adopting short-term objectives and embracing change, businesses can refine processes, foster collaboration, and increase revenue intentionally. The key lies in accountability, direct feedback, and a shared commitment to growth, enabling businesses to evolve and succeed in their RevOps journey
  • Guided by Revenue, Fueled by Dedication. The ultimate goal is evident in revenue growth, a testament to the commitment to RevOps processes. Success isn't just a fuller bank account; it's about nurturing talent, enabling teams, and fostering client growth. The journey of RevOps is perpetual evolution, powered by continuous improvement and insightful data analysis.
  • Understanding the Human Journey in marketing, it's not just about campaigns; it's about understanding the entire customer journey. From grabbing a brochure amidst daily chaos to walking into the store, every step matters. Tracking campaign metrics, POS data, and customer feedback creates a holistic view. Whether it's a pizza joint or a B2B enterprise, measuring every interaction transforms marketing from spam to meaningful engagement, shaping businesses' success.
  • Every company, big or small, is on a unique RevOps path. Even those with advanced systems can find room for improvement. Recognizing customers as inputs, not outputs, reveals opportunities like cross-selling. Identifying low-hanging fruit and focusing on efficiency are key. Success lies in understanding each company's individual needs and knowing when and how to enhance their RevOps journey.
  • Selling Like a Human: Genuine Connection Over Sales Tactics. Authenticity is key. Embracing quirks and kindness, establishing genuine rapport, and being transparent about budget discussions foster trust. The essence of 'Selling Like a Human' lies in real connections, not scripted sales techniques. Being true to oneself resonates more profoundly with clients, fostering meaningful and lasting relationships.
  • RevOps Like a Human: Embrace Radical candor and genuine collaboration. Transparency, humility, and data-driven experimentation define successful RevOps strategies. Just as in authentic human connections, ego takes a back seat, and partnerships flourish through mutual respect and celebration of collective wins.

Quote of the Show:
  • “Being willing to be bold and to try things and not be afraid of failure is a resounding story of both my career path, but also how we help clients do really well.” - Dylan Wickliffe
  • “Your email is spam until it's not. No matter how great your email is, no matter how hard you worked on it, it is spam until it converts.” - Dylan Wickliffe


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Intentional RevOps - Dylan Wickliffe - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 022
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