Eliminating Friction - Nick Talbert - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 007

Today’s guest is highly skilled in technical SEO and marketing automation. He’s dedicated his entire career basically to designing and executing major initiatives that always perform their target goals. Please welcome to the show Nick Talber! Nick is the Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at Crux. Nick joins the host Sajeel Qureshi to talk about what it means to work in RevOps and how companies can better understand what role they play. 

RevOps Myth:
  • RevOps represents a set of deliverables 

  • While a lot of people might think that the goal of RevOps is to represent a set of deliverables, it’s actually a constant task to remove friction to bring in more revenue. In any part of the funnel where something is getting stalled out, there is where the RevOps professional goes to work.
  • For RevOps to be fully effective, they need to understand and fully measure your entire sales cycle. If you aren’t measuring all the steps in a logical sequence, then you will struggle to find the solution to where the issue lies. 
  • A pain point for most RevOps professionals is that the work they do and the connections they make are highly valuable to a certain group of people, but that group isn’t very large. 
  • There are plenty of CRM tools out there and everyone understands them, but there are a whole bunch of different types of data which isn’t common knowledge to everybody else. There is no G2 category or journalists who cover what RevOps are doing and who need their help.  
  • One way to distinguish who might need your help as a RevOps professional and build a knowledge graph that is based on your ICP and see what common language is being used and find those phrases being used by other people.
  • As the role of RevOps becomes more and more prominent, they should be intertwined with the sales team and feeding them all the information they have on their connections so that by the team they get to sales, it feels like a well-established connection for the potential client.
  • If Nick could go back in time, he would tell his younger self to study route-based economics a lot because everything in the digital world is a correlation of a market that has a supply and demand side. 

Quote of the Show:
  • “Try to eliminate friction, whatever it is.” (22:33)


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Eliminating Friction - Nick Talbert - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 007
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